The Portfolio Project


I never had a database to keep track of my stuff. And whenever people ask me, it’s really hard to explain my whole learning system.

7 Attempts!

So we decide to make a portfolio website, which is a website that helps people get to know me and my learning experiences in a big picture way! Sounds simple right? But it’s actually not, and it took us seven attempts through multiple years to finish it. Well, I hope we finish it this time. After all, I am still doing the portfolio projects by writing this, right? So meta! Why has it been so hard? Because we had to prepare a ton of things first. We needed to record videos and take pictures of all the projects I’ve done over the last 5 years, and also write articles about them. And even after we prepared all that stuff, we still needed to think about how to organize them. We created an entire database of the projects I did, and that took quite a bit of work. But that’s just a database we also need to make the website, we need to pick a theme that looks good, and in some parts, we even need to code!

A Website to be Proud of

Overall I think the website we made was really cool, and I’m definitely proud of it. I even have a logo that’s a pig with an “F” growing out of its head!

Don’t Be Lazy, Write More

I was the project manager of the portfolio project for a while, and I learned a lot of things while I was in that position. You really need to have a sense of responsibility. Because if you don’t manage the project, no one will, and the whole project will fall apart. One of the main parts of managing the project was recording, the more you record, the better. I also learned more about PBL(project based learning) when I was writing these articles. Recording Videos was also a big part of making the portfolio project, and we recorded a LOT, and I became a “very-good-person-to-be-recorded”.

I also learned…

  • A lot of English when writing all those articles
  • Animation
  • Editing Videos
  • Making websites with WordPress
  • Using Airtable
  • Reviewing CSS and HTML


  • Quip
  • Airtable
  • Adobe Animate
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • WordPress
  • Penflip
  • Google Docs

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Hi, my name is Felix I'm 14 and I learn autonomously instead of at school. I learned through many projects and I want to share them with you. I did some of these projects by myself but I also did a lot with my friends from different countries!