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Picture William Hoang

Founder at Axiom Technology Group

Felix created an iOS mobile application in MAKE School Beijing Summer Academy 2017. His work ethic and willingness to continue to learn is a model for all students. Felix is a pleasure to work with and instruct; I have no doubts Felix will continue to succeed in his pursuit in education and technology.

Picture Brendan Ternus

Yale University Alumnus

Felix brings a unique blend of commendable qualities to everything he undertakes: a genuine self-awareness and thoughtfulness that rivals most adults, a hardworking spirit eager to be engaged by his learning, and a sense of fun and joy that is beyond infectious. Felix has countless dreams and goals, but he’s also just a great human to be around. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with him on any project big or small.

Picture Kassandra Lee

Columbia University Alumna

During my time with Felix, I was continually impressed by his enthusiasm to learn new things, insatiable appetite for discovery, and interpersonal emotional intelligence. Felix was completely fluent in English to the level of a native speaker his age. Felix loved to read English books- I think he finished the whole Harry Potter series in a couple weeks! I also mentored Felix a lot about his creative writing skills, being a writer myself. He had a quick wit and immense imagination that always made him a treat to work with on stories, poems, plays, or whatever Felix could dream of to write! Felix is truly an outstanding learner. He’s driven, self-disciplined, enthusiastic, and just plain smart. It was a pleasure mentoring him.

Picture Carlo Aspri


Felix is my favorite and best student I’ve ever had, Felix is incredibly smart and talented in so many areas, and possesses all the necessary qualities and mindset to become a “successful entrepreneur”. He is a very fast and serious learner, and no matter what is placed in front of him, easy or hard, he makes sure to get the job done, with style and quality! I am very proud of Felix, and I would definitely recommend any person or company to work with Felix IN A HEARTBEAT! And let me tell you, they would not only be amazed of his abilities, but on top of it all, they would be absolutely amazed and satisfied of his work! If I can think of another word to describe “perfection”, I always think of “Felix”!

Picture Rahel Buschor

Performing Arts Artist

Als (T)Raumfahrer, Entdecker, Forscher, Erfinder, Koch und Zuckerbäcker, als Tänzer, Musikant, Künstler und Suchender erkundet Felix die Welt.
Dass Fehler Chancen sind und Hürden zum Fliegen inspirieren, das hat er schon früh erkannt.

Offen, neugierig, mit viel Humor und Ausdauer zeigt Felix der Welt, was wahre Bildung ist.
Bildung kann uns selber verändern und dadurch verändert sich die Welt um uns herum.

Creative, with passion and inspiration
bright ideas, different views, new approaches
unusual efforts and extraordinary skills
shows Felix the world the future of real education!

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