When I type, I look at the keyboard and pick out the keys, pressing them one by one, it was fairly slow. I was writing a lot on the computer, taking notes, writing emails, etc. And I wanted to be efficient, so I wanted to practice my typing. There are a lot of resources, APPs, websites, exercises, tutorials… I decided to learn on a website called typingclub.com. It has many exercises as “levels” and you have to get past a certain wpm (Words Per Minute) to pass. After doing 400 levels, I now sit at 50 wpm.
I practiced about 30 minutes a day, it was an easy task, and sometimes I used it as a break. Although I do get really frustrated when I can’t reach the wpm goal and gets stuck. Even though I once reached 50 wpm, in everyday use, I stay at about 43. I plan on increasing my speed as I type more and more, and this project is just to start off my lifelong typing journey.

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Hi, my name is Felix I'm 14 and I learn autonomously instead of at school. I learned through many projects and I want to share them with you. I did some of these projects by myself but I also did a lot with my friends from different countries!