Germ Play

The Germ Play is a Play written by Ryan Emily and I. As you can tell from the title this play involves Germs, it’s about two germs Gerky and Germy (me!) taking over a human body!
They came into the human from a huge cut in his foot, they traveled to the cell bar (a place cells hang out) and encounter Nell and Pell – two cells. They battle and the Germs put a blue spot on Pell, Blue Spots are blue disks that the germs stick on things so it becomes infected and to turn cells into Germs! Germy tried to put a blue cell on Nell but Nell used her karate moves to punch a hole in the blue spot and ran away. But eventually, Nell turned too because she touched the blue spot, after traveling up the body they finally reached the brain and took control of the human!
It was really fun writing and performing in this play, I will defiantly write more of this play in the future!


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