Creator Awards

caEarlier this year, I was working/learning at WeWork. It’s a place where you could rent an office or a seat and work alongside other people doing all kinds of different things. One day, I saw this sign that said the Creator Awards event is coming soon, and I wanted to know what that’s all about. After some research, I found out that it’s an award (of 18000-72000 dollars) given to innovators in every category – Arts, Business, etc. And anyone can apply by sending a video explaining what you’ve done. I didn’t expect them to accept my application, but I wanted to try anyway, and it’s also a cool real-world experience.

My proposal

I made a video about an “international nonprofit organization that encourages experts from different industries around the world to create online courses”. I know it sounds like I made it up and I couldn’t do it even if I got the award/money. But I genuinely had the confidence whether or not other people believed me or not, plus Nicolas and Cassie will also play a big part in helping me.

End result

I Recorded the video, edited it, and sent it to them (I realized later when I’m editing that I blink way too much). After about a week, they sent me an email saying that I didn’t make it, but said I could attend as an audience if I pay for the ticket! As I said in the beginning, I didn’t expect to make it but it’s a good real-world experience nevertheless.

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Hi, my name is Felix I'm 14 and I learn autonomously instead of at school. I learned through many projects and I want to share them with you. I did some of these projects by myself but I also did a lot with my friends from different countries!