Learning Sailing

My family and I moved from Beijing to Qingdao in mid-2020. Qingdao is a coastal city and I’ve always been interested in sailing. So I decided to attend a sailing camp!

I attended a sailing camp in October of 2020, it lasted for five days with about 6-7 hours each day. By the end, I had earned both ASA (American Sailing Associate) 101 and 103 certificates.

I didn’t have much experience with boats or the sea before this point so I got a bit seasick on the first day. But after that day I was fine. I attended the camp with four other people and we controlled the boat together. It was a really fun experience and I plan to continue going out to sea from time to time.

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Hi, my name is Felix I'm 14 and I learn autonomously instead of at school. I learned through many projects and I want to share them with you. I did some of these projects by myself but I also did a lot with my friends from different countries!